Sunday, December 26, 2010

Office Policy

Your initial visit with Dr. Bowe. will be approximately one hour in length. The consultation fee for this visit is $190, for which you will receive you a detailed receipt with medical coding. Follow-up visit fees are $75 and usually last about a hour with the doctor.

As Dr. Bowe. is a licensed, board-certified chiropractic physician, many insurances companies will reimburse according to the coding provided for general medical care, which is included in the visit.

You may submit the invoice along with a signed claims form and send it to your health insurance plan for reimbursement; depending on your agreement, you may receive up to 100% reimbursement. You can also definitely use the invoice as a receipt for your Schedule A, Medical and Dental Expenses. You may also choose to have a Health Savings Account to quality for health care tax deductions. 

Dr. Bowe. does not 'participate' in any health plans, and is considered an "out-of-network" physician. In-network physicians are required by contract to see patients for the standard period of time (about 7 minutes) and using only standard-of-care medicine (drugs, tests and surgery).


Last updated 12/08/2008.